invest in women

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The name Alva is inspired by the exalted one. At the House of Alva, we celebrate women and their artisan families who lovingly craft timeless accessories for you. 

We work directly with the women of The Sewing Project and other community organizations to invest in women's economic well-being and financial future. We believe that an investment in women’s economic future is an investment in the well-being of our future citizens. 

In communities we work, women often have limited employment opportunities outside their homes. The Sewing Project helps women become financially independent, by bringing employment opportunities to their doorstep. By investing in our products, you help women and their families help themselves.



. we . say . thanks . 

With a purchase of $50, you get a free scarf bag handmade by the women at The Sewing Project. You also help us invest in women's menstrual health.

— Investment in Menstrual Health is Crucial — 

We are committed to helping women take control of their menstrual health and hygiene. Life of women in conservative and underdeveloped societies is completely disrupted by their menstrual cycle. Women with The Sewing Project often couldn't afford sanitary napkins making them susceptible to infections from homemade pads. Other times they felt too ashamed to live their life's normally during their menstrual cycle. 

Every year, we provide women with disposable sanitary napkins and free health and hygiene workshops to reduce the taboos around menstrual management. Kindly visit The Pads Project for more information.