embrace nature

. natural . attainable . luxury .

Embrace nature's luxurious fabrics in their natural and authentic forms. Enjoy the wonderful weave our scarves derived from components of plants or from the wool of animals. Our luxurious scarves are offered at attainable prices because we work directly with artisan communities to source all our materials. 

We are committed to informing our buyers about the materials we use and the historic significance of these materials.  

— Cashmere — 

Cashmere defines luxury and is obtained from the hair of Cashmere goats. Cashmere gets its name from the valley of Kashmir in India, a beautiful land that was once the hub for cashmere fiber. Since historic times, cashmere wool has been women in paisley and jamavar patterns. Our cashmere scarves showcase the sheen and the handmade weaves of the fabric.

— Wool — 

Our pure wool scarves are warm, lightweight, and durable. They are the prefect winter accessory and provides great insulation from the elements.

— Silk Wool — 

Our silk wool scarves embody the warmth of wool and the softness of silk. They are the perfect blend of luxury and utility for multiple seasons ranging from fall to spring. Silk wool scarves are lightweight and feel soft against the skin. 

— Pure Silk — 

Our pure silk collection is a ode to royalty and luxury. The silk is woven by small community of weavers and is exceptionally soft and light. The fabric we use is very delicate and can be used as a head scarf or a neck scarf. 

— Mulmul Cotton — 

Our mulmul fabric is fine and soft muslin originating from India and Bangladesh. The scarves are breathable and light, and a perfect accessory for all seasons. We use vegetable dyes when possible to design our mulmul cotton scarves. 

— Modal and Viscose — 

Our modal and viscose scarves are made from cellulose, and are sturdy and long-lasting for year round luxury.