Life Story of our handmade Kantha Silk Scarves

As autumn (also known as fall) rolled around in October in India, the women carried their Kantha quilts and wrapped them gently around their babies. After working all day in the sun, the warmth of fabrics sewn together is a welcome respite after sunset. 

That was our first introduction to Kantha when traveling through India. The stunning mix of fabrics, a new lease on life for vintage materials in bright patterns and colors.

Inspired by the soul and practicality of Kantha, we wanted to give a new look to vintage Kantha. While working in Rajasthan on our research projects, we met amazing housewives from low-income households who said they knew how to sew Kantha. Rest was history - we bought vintage saris and we worked together to develop our scarves.

We selected 2 panels of fabric and cut them in approximately 170 centimeters long and 50 centimeters wide. And we got to work with our amazing group of ladies. The panels were sewn together using a running stitch to embroider the patterns together. In 1 months time our batch of first kantha scarves came to life. 

Better yet, the women did not have to go through middle men and brokers to sell their product. They got their hard work’s worth when making these scarves. 

Working directly with artisans gives us the ability to provide them fair wages and allows us to respect the artists timelines and personal circumstances.

We hope you will enjoy our 100% silk handmade vintage Kantha scarves. SHOP our Handmade Silk Kantha Collection

Our Influence

Our luxurious collection draws influence from our experiences traveling, living and working with artisans across the world. The eclectic mix of colors, textiles and designs is a testament to the rich cultural heritage, and rural and urban expressions of wearable art.  


Our Influence - Colors of Handicrafts - Image by fabulousfabs (CC BY 2.0)


Our Influence - Colors of Handicrafts - Image by Nagarjun Kandukuru (CC BY 2.0)


Our Products

House of Alva brings a collection of unique, luxurious, and chic hand-crafted and curated accessories from around the world. Each item is either carefully designed, or ethically sourced from small-scale artisan communities. We bring to you the highest quality of natural materials - accessories that are not only ethical but also fashionable.

Our collection is truly unique and a majority of our items are handmade, and often no one piece resembles the other "perfectly" in our collection. 

We are committed to highest quality standards. We offer our buyers beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces that last a lifetime and are not tough on the wallet.

Who we are

Thank you for visiting House of Alva. 

Alva means the “exalted one”. At the House of Alva celebrate artists who make beautiful accessories to enrich your life. We celebrate our soulful buyers who give empower and enable artisans around the world, by buying one-of-a-kind accessories at House of Alva.

During our experiences traveling, living and working with artisans across the world, we realized that small-scale artists needed access to markets to sustain their crafts. 

By working one-on-one with artist communities, we are able to showcase rare skills such as hand-embroidery, weaving, hand-dyeing, screen printing and block printing. It’s our way of helping preserve art forms that rapidly being replaced by automated machines, and contributing to households that depend on these crafts for livelihoods. 

By bypassing the intermediate retailers, we are able to offer our socially conscious buyers one-of-a-kind luxurious pieces at attainable prices.

We thank you for your patronage and request you to kindly keep checking our blog for New Updates.